Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


Big stink in Carterton



Carterton packed a bit of a stink yesterday afternoon after the Carterton District Council [CDC] spent the morning treating their wastewater ponds. CDC said the foul smell was coming from the south end of town. However, some residents said the smell was coming from the north end also. CDC said earlier this month that they had received a heavy load of non-wastewater through the reticulation, which slowly killed off the live, good bacteria in the receiving pond. “As such, we have been treating the ponds and to do this successfully we have had to pump wastewater [with live bacteria] from one pond to another and stir up the wastewater to both dissolve the added treatment and add aeration [oxygen] into the pond. This is trying to seed the good bacteria into the dead pond, to enable the pond to recover and function as it should. “Unfortunately a direct result from this is the smell as we are disturbing the surface of the wastewater ponds.” The CDC said they were working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.



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