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Looking good, feeling great 21 years of gorgeous hair


As a hairdresser of almost three decades, Michelle Pike has seen her fair share of trends come and go. When she opened her salon, Michelle’s Hair Studio, in 2000, solid fringes, zig-zig parts “fashion mullets” were all the rage. “Those big chunky highlights were very much in fashion – people were literally geƫng stripes put in their hair,” Michelle says. “We were doing a lot of perms back then – they were sɵll very popular.” While the fashion fads of yesteryear may be a distant memory, Michelle’s Hair Studio is sɵll going strong – celebraɵng its 21st birthday this year. Michelle, a hairdresser since 1995, says hairstyling has evolved massively over the years. But one thing has remained consistent: her commitment to client saɵsfacɵon, whether they request a simple bob, flowing extensions, or an ombre colour melt. “These days, people are not afraid to go for the fun, crazy colours – they want to express their individuality and try something new,” Michelle says. “My aim has always been to send our clients out the door with an ear-to-ear smile and feeling like they’re walking on air. “That makes it all worth it. Aōer all this Ɵme, I’m sɵll excited to come to work in the morning.” Michelle started her career with an apprenɵceship at The Cuƫng Crew (then based in Masterton), under former owner Bridget Sowry. She spent several months hairdressing in Brisbane, before returning to Masterton and buying Design Lines hair studio. Twenty-one years later, Michelle’s Hair Studio has amassed a devoted clientele, (men, women and children alike), has aʃracted highly skilled teams of stylists, and is a popular choice for apprenɵces. Michelle aʃributes the salon’s success to honest and supporɵve client relaɵonships and constantly improving her craō. A crucial part of the client experience is the consultaɵon, where the hairdresser helps them find the style best suited to their bone structure, personality, and lifestyle. “Hair is so pivotal to our self-esteem, and the wrong haircut can really lower someone’s confidence. “We listen to our clients’ ideas – but if something won’t suit them, we come up with an alternaɵve.” Upskilling is also important to the business culture, with Michelle and her team regularly aʃending workshops and courses. The salon stocks a range of cruelty-free haircare products by Swedish company Keune – which oōen provides training opportuniɵes for partner salons. In 2018, Michelle and senior stylist Kirsty Campbell travelled to Brazil, where they upskilled and learnt new techniques at a Keune ambassador salon in Rio de Janeiro. “In Brazil, it’s all about fashion – wearing your hair as an accessory and making it glamorous and sexy. “We wanted our clients to have that experience. We want them to leave with strong, healthy, shiny hair – but also feeling gorgeous.” Michelle says one of her biggest passions is helping people “solve their hair problems”. “For example, they’ll have a product or styling tool at home that they’ve no idea how to use. “We can show them what to do and help them achieve that ‘just out of the salon’ look. “You don’t have to spend an hour doing your hair every morning. With the right products and techniques, you can get it down to 10 minutes.”



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