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Award winning busy bakery/café managed by a strong team


It was 45 years ago that John and Anneke Kloeg brought their baking knowledge and experience from the Netherlands to New Zealand and 33 years since they established in Masterton. Today, that busy bakery/ café, TENCC, is an exciting hive of activity in central Masterton and it’s managed by the Kloeg’s daughter, Monique. She’s one of five siblings and the only girl. Monique Kloeg grew up, in and around the bakery, packing buns and doing after-school cleaning. At university, she studied finance and marketing headed overseas in 2007 to do some travelling. When she returned, she discovered a busy expanded café and twice as busy. Keen to be part of the family business, she joined as 2IC and it was only a matter of time until she became manager. It’s been a steep learning curve but now with an established management team, who all work well together, she has more time for overall assessment and development of the business and has time for frontof-housework, learning about the customers who come and enjoy TENCC. The management team is made up of Monique, her father John, Julianna Hema (shop manager) and Samantha Lee (kitchen manager). Julianna Hema has been with TENCC for 11 years. As Shop Manager, she oversees the staff and ensures the customer experience is totally enjoyable and to everyone’s satisfaction. Her whole working life has been in hospitality. Born and raised in Featherston, she cut her teeth on the industry at Mcdonalds. At Saluté in Greytown, she learned about table and bar service and these skills she brought on to TENCC. Julianna appreciates the loyal staff. Summer months see the demand for more and she employs students who appreciate the work. Samantha Lee is kitchen manager. She has been at TENCC for five and a half years and feels like she’s keeping within her family tradition. Hospitality and cooking are in the blood. An aunt is a hospitality tutor in Taranaki, her brother trained as a chef and her mum is a baker. A former Solway College student, she leapt at the chance of a cooking position in Palmerston North. She was six years there in several outlets in the city, coming 2nd in the Manawatu chef awards. At TENCC she continues to enjoy the kitchen work. “It’s a love:hate pressure with lots of adrenalin.” Peak time is 11am - 2.30pm when the café is usually crowded. “People know it’s warm inside and the café can be very inviting.” Samantha changes the menu monthly and appreciates she has the freedom to do so. “If I’m getting bored with some dishes, then I suspect the customers are too.” TENCC is an awardwinning bakery and Samantha adds to her personal tally by entering competitions and has won various medals including at the Wellington culinary fare brunch and Gate to Plate Wairarapa, where she was 1st judge’s choice, 1st people’s choice. One of the famous treats at TENCC is the Dutch Fruit Buns (Krentenbollen). These popular Dutch fruit buns have a long history with TENCC. Hand-made spiced buns, full of succulent fruit, with a twist of lemon, this recipe originated in the Netherlands and was brought over with John and Anneke Kloeg.



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