Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


The most hectic holiday I’ve ever been on was ...


Lianne Karaitiana

We won a competition to Hong Kong and Macau and on the way back were told at check-in that the flight was full and our tickets were a low priority because they were won. We would have to wait till the next flight to NZ next Thursday. This was a Friday night and we were broke. God what a mess it turned out to be. David Jackson Hobart to Kuala Lumpur, on to Kansai [Japan] then to Vancouver for two days to pick up a polar bear, back to Malaysia, then to Johannesburg and on to Port Elizabeth. Never sat in so many airports over such a short period of time. Miles Reay When we flew to Nice and my wife’s suitcase was still in London. Phil Brazier Accidentally overstaying my visa in Thailand, missing my flight home and no money to pay fine. Graeme Burnard Escorting a group of 60 people to Sydney one Easter weekend to see Riverdance. Beryl Thomson Camping in National Game Parks, South Africa. Trip organised by our travel agent Graeme Burnard. Never a dull moment, but most amazing adventure. For all the trips you organised for us we never had anything go wrong. Thank you. Dianne Sutherland Walking the 800km Camino trail in Spain. Shouldn’t have been hectic but my cousin likes to focus on the destination rather than the journey. Dianne Haswell Phuket. 10-hour layover in Sydney – we were over it. Lost a day in Phuket. Jean Cretney To Scotland. We did a lot of traveling, taking in all the stunning scenery and castles in a few weeks. Richard Alan Dahlberg Driving a Commer van to Opotiki with the kids play fighting in the back, no back seats in those days. Kim Mckinley Washington and NYC. So much to cram into 14 days, was a once-in-alifetime holiday.



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