Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


Best little paper in NZ


It was disturbing to read today’s Times-age editorial. Wairarapa people are fortunate to have a paper of the quality of the Times-age. As someone who has criticised the news direction of the Times-age and the inadequacies of some reporting staff, I also need to reiterate my view that it is the best newspaper in New Zealand. I say this because you do not take one-sided ideological positions. Your small size means you take content from a wide range of sources, so we are just as likely to read content from classical liberals as from dyed in the wool socialists. We still hear the voice of climate sceptics [only just] where the Dompost/stuff has taken a seriously one-eyed, alarmist approach and, unlike the cheerleading of NZME, we even get to hear how bad the government is at delivering anything tangible It is not surprising that government ministries have aggressively tried to suppress news stories. This is all of one piece with [Stuff reporter] Andrea Vance’s characterisation of the government as thin-skinned, secretive, cynical, and obstructive in the service of creating an artfully crafted mirage. I imagine you’ve had pressure from district councils reluctant to see their dirty laundry aired in public, and I’m sure Wairarapa Water Ltd have found the letters to the editor a bit discomforting. The editorial must be a “shot across the bows” of those trying to cynically manipulate the news agenda. If there’s no let-up, I hope we will see the naming and shaming of these spineless idiots. Ron Shaw Carterton



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