Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


Charity killings


A British landmine clearance charity has vowed to continue work in Afghanistan after it suffered its worstever setback when gunmen killed 10 staff in a night-time attack for which Isis claimed responsibility. Late on Tuesday local time, masked militants apparently went “bed-to-bed” killing staff in a work camp for the Halo Trust, in Baghlan province, northern Afghanistan. A survivor said the attackers scaled the compound walls and rounded up the workers, asking if any were from the Hazara ethnic group. “Nobody responded,” said the survivor. The gunmen then singled out and shot the compound leader, before the order was given to “kill them all”. The Uk-american charity said 10 staff, all of them Afghans, had been shot dead. Another 16 were wounded. The trust has been working in Afghanistan since 1988, removing mines and munitions that have been left behind by more than 42 years of fighting.



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