Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


Report claims Russian agents tailed journalist who fell ill


Investigative organisation Bellingcat claimed yesterday that Russian agents who had tailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny before his poisoning also shadowed a journalist who had earlier fallen severely ill with similar symptoms. Dmitry Bykov, an author and journalist who is an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, became sick aboard an aeroplane while on a lecture tour in 2019. He spent five days in a coma. The illness and circumstances bore strong resemblance to the case of Navalny, who last year fell sick aboard a domestic flight and was hospitalised in a coma after being poisoned with Novichok, a Sovietdeveloped nerve agent. Bellingcat identified what it said were several agents of Russia’s Federal Security Service who had trailed Navalny directly before his poisoning. In a report yesterday, it said cellular phone records and airline ticket purchases showed two of these agents travelled to the same cities as Bykov and at the same time.



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