Wairarapa Times-Age - 2021-06-11


Cryptic crossword


ACROSS 1. It shows patient progress, like a map of the sea (5) 4. It is no handicap to use one’s nails (7) 8. Machine-turned? No: it’s a form of making it mechanical (13) 10. Picture who loses head: see next page about that (5) 11. Country one fled from (4) 12. Happy, re-entered and backed the country (4) 16. Clumsy? Don’t begin to eat before gym! (5) 17. Jockey unseated? (8,5) 19. Makes one pay a lot for what’s legally wrong in sex-change (7) 20. Had a meal and expired with ingestion of nitrogen (5) DOWN 1. Pom can be a lion, in a way that offers fellowship (13) 2. Not enough to make a circle, and not enough to be cunning (3) 3. Vagrants quietly put in electric vehicles (6) 4. Diamonds, perhaps? Gold? He might offer both to his beloved (6) 5. Sanity, that’s why! (6) 6. Unintelligent quality may show how deep one is (9) 7. Crew member did the washing without benefit of washingmachine (4-9) 9. Principal with a good degree, but precipitate (4-5) 13. Wood used by heartless crowd in a row (6) 14. Handles what’s hot and is good with foil (6) 15. Looked fixedly at rates distribution on 1st December (6) 18. Assume a Spanish title for a university teacher (3)



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